Unfortunately, we do not ship on weekends or to PO Boxes.


About the Test

  • How do I test myself at home?
    • When you receive your test kit, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package. **Please note, you must register your test kit via covid.vlt.co, prior to testing.** For PCR testing, log into your Vault account and you will be connected to a Vault test supervisor via a Zoom video call. Our supervisor will guide you through the testing process.

    • For OTC, non supervised testing, please follow the manufacturer instructions, included in the package. Please feel free to contact us at covid@vaulthealth.com for any questions you may have.
  • How do I receive my results?
    • Our OTC tests will provide you test results within a matter of minutes, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  For PCR testing, after you complete the test, mail your sample back using the included overnight shipping label.  Digital results are generally available within 24-48 hours of when your sample scans into the lab.
  • Is this PCR test accepted for travel?
    • The Vault PCR test is accepted for international travel and domestic travel to Hawaii and Puerto Rico, where PCR tests are required. It meets the following criteria set by the CDC for at-home testing pre-travel.  Contact your airline to learn more.
  • Can my child test as well?
    • Yes, children can take both the OTC and PCR tests offered by Vault.  And the fact that our PCR test is saliva-based makes it a loved option by families. There is nasal swab involved, and spitting into the vial is easy for kids of all ages to do. Our kid-friendly test supervisors will talk your child through the testing process, and even provide helpful tips to produce more saliva.
  • Do I have to take this test via a Zoom video?  
    • The PCR test will require Zoom supervision. The other test types do not require Zoom supervision.
  • How long do I have to use the product?
    • The expiration for the purchased test is listed on the device or test packaging.The expiration date is listed on the product in the following format: YYYY/MM/DD
  • Do I need an already active Shopify account to order?
    • You may create an account with Shopify or check out as a guest.

Pricing and Insurance

  • What is the cost of this test? 
    • Prices vary based on the test purchased, click HERE to be directed back to the ordering page. Currently Vault offers a PCR, Acon, Lucira and Quidel Covid-19 tests.​​
**Cost includes the cost of licensed provider services from Vault Medical Services, P.A., Union Square Physician Services, P.C., Vault Medical Services of New Jersey, P.C., and Vault Medical Services of California, P.C. and the lab fees at cost, and an administrative fee.**
  • Why are there different prices for shipping?
    • We offer two options for shipping your Covid-19 test kits, UPS Ground and UPS Air. Shipping costs are determined by the number of kits ordered:
      • Ground Shipping:
        Number of Test Kits Price
        1 - 10 $12.00
        11 - 100 $16.00
        101 - 300


        301 and up $20.00
      • Air:
        Number of Test Kits Price
        1 - 10 $15.70
        11 - 100 $26.70
        101 - 300 $36.90
        301 and up
         Contact partnerships@vaulthealth.com

**For orders of more than 500, you may be contacted to discuss shipping and logistics options that best fit your needs.**

  • Can I be reimbursed from my HSA/FSA for the purchase of this product?
    • We will provide you with a receipt for your purchase. It will be your insurance provider’s discretion to reimburse you for your purchase.
  • What is the refund policy? 
    • Vault Medical Services, P.A., Vault Medical Services of California, P.C., and Vault Medical Services of New Jersey, P.C. (collectively referred to herein for purposes of this section as “Vault Medical Services”) are not able to accept returns of any COVID-19 tests for resale.  Accordingly, all sales of COVID-19 tests are final.  Vault Medical Services reserves the right to remedy customer issues and concerns on a case by case basis based on the facts and circumstances of each customer.  If Vault Medical Services determines, in its sole discretion, that an error has been made with respect to your COVID-19 test, Vault Medical Services reserves the right to correct the error and revise your order accordingly (which includes charging the correct price) or to cancel the order and refund any amount charged.  If you believe Vault Medical Services has made an error with your COVID-19 test order, please contact us at covid@vaulthealth.com.

Shipping and Logistics
  • When will my kit arrive?
    • There are 2 shipping options available to you, Ground Shipping or Air Shipping.
    • Test kits delivered with a Ground Shipping option will typically be delivered within 2-5 days (excluding Sundays and holidays)
    • Test kits delivered with a Air Shipping option will typically be delivered within 1-2 days (excluding Sundays and holidays)
    • **WEEKEND SHIPPING NOTICE** All kits ordered from Friday at 3:00pm Eastern Standard Times through Sunday evening will ship on the following Monday.**
    • Please refer to UPS_Days_of_Operation_Schedule-2022.pdf for UPS Holiday Shipping schedule.
  • Is Vault able to ship test kits to a PO Box Address?
    • No, we are not currently able to ship Covid-19 testing kits to PO Box addresses. 
  • Can I use USPS or FEDEX to send my PCR test kit sample to the lab?
    • No, you must use UPS. Use this UPS Locator Tool to find a convenient UPS drop off point for your sample. DO NOT drop your sample at a partner UPS drop box.
  • My package was delivered to the wrong address or arrived damaged. What should I do?
  • Where is my package?
  • How do I ship my completed test? 
    • For the PCR test, your test will include all return materials in the package. Please use the prepaid UPS return envelope included to return your completed test kit. Please drop off your test kit at your local UPS store. Drop boxes and third party UPS sites are strongly discouraged to ensure we are able to track your package and results to the best of our ability. 

Test Results
  • How will I receive my results? 
    • You can receive your results in two different ways: If you opted into results over email, you will receive an email with your test result. If not, you will get an email notification when results are ready to view in your Vault account. 
  • What if I have questions about my results?
  • Will my results be reported to state and federal governments? 
    • Vault reports Covid-19 testing results to applicable health care government authorities for contact tracing and statistical purposes. 

Contact Us
  • Who do I contact if I need assistance?