About the Test

    • How do I test myself at home?
      • For OTC, non supervised testing, please follow the manufacturer instructions, included in the package. Please feel free to contact us at covid@vaulthealth.com for any questions you may have.

    • How do I receive my results?
      • Our OTC tests will provide you test results within a matter of minutes, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  
      • Can my child test as well?
        • Yes, children can take the tests offered by Vault.  
        • How long do I have to use the product?
          • The expiration for the purchased test is listed on the device or test packaging.The expiration date is listed on the product in the following format: YYYY/MM/DD
          • Expiration dates have been extended for both the Rapid NAAT tests and the ACON Flowflex tests. Please refer to the links below for charts with updated expiration date information:
        • Do I need an already active Shopify account to order?
          • You may create an account with Shopify or check out as a guest.
        • Can I cancel my order?
          • Please note that we are unable to cancel orders after they are placed. Additionally, all sales of COVID-19 tests are final.


        • What is the cost of this test? 
          • Prices vary based on the test purchased, click HERE to be directed back to the ordering page. Currently Vault offers over the counter Acon Flowflex Rapid Antigen Tests and Rapid NAAT All-in-One Test Kits
        • Why are there different prices for shipping?
          • We offer two options for shipping your Covid-19 test kits, UPS Ground and Expedited UPS.
            • Ground Shipping: Free for all orders over $50. Shipping cost is $12 for orders less than $50
            • Expedited:
              Number of Test Kits Price
              1 - 10 $15.70
              11 - 100 $26.70
              101 - 300 $39.00
              301 and up
          • Can I be reimbursed from my HSA/FSA for the purchase of this product?
            • We will provide you with a receipt for your purchase. It will be your insurance provider’s discretion to reimburse you for your purchase.
          • What is the refund policy? 
          • All sales of COVID-19 tests are final.

        Shipping and Logistics

        • When will my kit arrive?
          • There are 2 shipping options available to you, Ground Shipping or Expedited UPS Shipping.
          • Test kits delivered with a Ground Shipping option will typically be delivered within 2-5 days (excluding Sundays and holidays)
          • Test kits delivered with a Expedited UPS Shipping option will typically be delivered within 1-2 days (excluding Sundays and holidays)
          • **WEEKEND SHIPPING NOTICE** All kits ordered from Friday at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Times through Sunday evening will ship on the following Monday.**
        • Is Vault able to ship test kits to a PO Box Address?
          • No, we are not currently able to ship Covid-19 testing kits to PO Box addresses. 
          • My package was delivered to the wrong address or arrived damaged. What should I do?
          • Where is my package?
          Test Results
            • How will I receive my results? 
              • Please follow the manufacturer instructions, included in the package to view your results

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